Our Solutions

As representatives of recognized brands worldwide, we have the support of each of them when designing and implementing each of the solutions we offer.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation System

Grupo 123 has a highly qualified professional group for the engineering, procurement, installation and operation of the Air Conditioning and mechanical ventilation system that, added to the BIM implementation and coordination, manages to obtain a quality result with the best return on investment. Our team has registered and stored data on outdoor conditions for more than 20 years in more than 10 cities, allowing us to develop projects adapted to reality.

sistema de airea acondicionado y ventilación

We have experience in the following systems:

Chilled water systems with water cooled chiller.

Chilled water systems with air cooled chiller.

Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) system.

Chilled water systems with absorption chiller.

Direct Expansion Systems

Major Ventilation Systems

Ventilation Systems for Smoke Control and Management

Fire Detection and Extinguishing System

Grupo 123 C.A is specialized in the design and construction of all spectrum of fire protection systems. We have national and international certifications for designs and installations applied using BIM technology. We have a highly qualified professional group to coordinate these implementations in addition to having equipment and tools to offer our clients the best strategy to carry out their projects.


All our designs are based on the NFPA Standards which are related in turn to the type of system, such as NFPA 13, NFPA 14, NFPA 20, NFPA 72, NFPA 750 and local regulations.

Sistema de detección y extinción de incendio

Automation and Control System

Automation and control system At Grupo 123 C.A we implement Building Management System (BMS); which is a building management system, based on a set of controls connected to software with strategic routines established by our highly qualified staff. In this sense, we have BMS certified personnel for the implementation of systems that offer automation of electromechanical installations optimizing energy consumption through control loops, alarms and operating hours; thus reducing the man hours of the operation and maintenance personnel. Due to the aforementioned and our experience for more than 45 years in the implementation of these systems, our star product for building control ROSE (Remote Operation and Supervised Efficiency) allows the client to have savings of up to 40% in their standard electricity consumption .

Sistema de automatización y control

Water Treatment System

At Grupo 123 C.A we design and build turnkey projects for treatment plants for white water, sewage, water purification and reverse osmosis. This is why, since 1976, Grupo 123 CA has built a White Water plant with a capacity of up to 1,000 liters / sec with an aqueduct network of up to 10 km, Reverse Osmosis plants and gray water treatment plants to be used in water systems. condensation.

Sistema de tratamiento de aguas