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We have the necessary experience to be able to advise our clients on issues of equipment performance and energy efficiency in order to guarantee greater durability of the equipment and lower operating cost

Operation and energy efficiency

Through the control systems implemented in the HVAC, lighting and fire systems, a remote connection is established and the information from the connected equipment is stored, analyzed by our engineers and compared with information from similar buildings in order to generate more intelligent operating routines. safe and sustainable.

Interfase de sistema de control para sistemas HVAC

Interfase de sistema de control para rendimiento de equipos

Equipment performance

The equipment integrated into the system is constantly monitored to determine specific and consumption over time, as well as its hours of use. Through a risk matrix, the operating parameters and spare parts lists are established to minimize downtime and improve reliability. The amount of DATA registered and accumulated allows us to predict future operating conditions of the equipment in a personalized way.

Central Optimization of Chilled Water Plant

In the operation of a system, the joint work of the equipments is what establishes the correct operation. Each piece of equipment is calibrated to achieve its optimum capacity in the system. They are set for the schedules and requirments.

Interfase de sistema de control para planta de agua helada

External / internal conditions

The systems we control are dynamic. External and internal conditions are constantly changing. We prepare the operation of the equipment through control loops to understand these changes and make the necessary adjustments in their capacity.

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